Textile Machinery  
  Al Ghazi Traders has been known for its top-class variety of machinery. We deal with all kinds of new and used textile machinery. Our main motives are to procure mint conditioned machines at reasonable cost and to provide prompt delivery to our customers. We do not just sell machinery but also undertake dismantling, installation, and erection through highly qualified engineers. Furthermore, we arrange finance for our customers who lack sufficient funds for their projects. Al Ghazi Traders is an exceptionally reliable and dependable company. Our valued clients are highly satisfied with us. Al Ghazi Traders is always willing to make new customers. So, please feel free to contact us for all your textile machinery needs i.e. spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, and finishing equipments. We assure you our best support and assistance. We look forward to serve you in the future.  
  Ready Made Garments  
  Our Top-Quality products in Readymade Clothes and our ability to get the products customized as per clients' specification have enabled us to earn a memorable name for our company. We offer a wide variety of Clothes, Leather Jackets, Ladies, Gents and kids garments made of soft and comfortable knitted and woven fabrics. We at Al Ghazi Traders have a team of highly trained professionals. This team is trained for best quality control methods, Scheduled delivery planning. Our team can understand client want with much ease and craft products as per their standard and design. We undertake production projects with designing.
  Paint Mixing Machines  
  High shear mixers are widely used in the manufacture of paints, inks and coatings. The high shear action of the rotor/stator workhead can rapidly disintegrate and dissolve resins and polymers, disperse pigments and other raw materials including "functional" ingredients.
Typical applications include:
Redispersion of filter cake
Manufacture of coding and marking inks
Dispersion of Titanium Dioxide
Dispersion of Bentonite
Dispersion of Fumed Silica
Polymer/Pigment dispersion in the textile industry
  Food Related Equipment  

Cooking Equipment
Our extensive cooking range includes everything to kit out your commercial kitchen. Choose from a huge range of prime cooking appliances such as Range, Combination and Convections Ovens for preparing food on a large scale. Through to Bain Maries, Boiling Tops and Bratt Pans to increase your kitchen's productivity. Installation advice and manufacturers warranties are standard. A wider range of catering equipment is available in our main kitchen equipment section. Our extensive cooking equipment range includes commercial range ovens, toasters and grills. Installation advice and manufacturers warranties are standard.

Ovens & Ranges
Combi Ovens
Convection & Bake Off Ovens
Chicken Rotisseries
Grills, Griddles & Chargrills
Sous Vide
Hot Cupboards & Alto Shaams
Bain Maries & Soup Kettles
Boiling Tops & Induction Hobbs
Falcon 350 & Pro-Lite Range
Bratt Pans

A fantastic range of high quality crockery for every catering environment - from busy restaurants, hotels and cafe's through to coffee shops, caterers, hospitals, hostels and schools. As wholesale suppliers we provide the finest tableware products from top brand names such as Churchill, Dudson, Steelite, Utopia, and more. We also supply a range of cutlery on the site to complement these products.

Plain White Porcelain
A high quality, cost effective everyday crockery set! Perfect for pubs, bars and high street restaurants alike. A range of fully vitrified economy crockery at an affordable price!

Utopia Pure White
Our most economical range. Utopia Pure White comes at a price everyone can afford! Ideal for schools, colleges, caterers, or anywhere that cost is the most important factor.

Churchill Art de Cuisine Menu
Stand Out with Art de Cuisine Menu. Specially designed by Churchill, this lightweight vitrified porcelain range, ensures Menu is more than capable back of house.

What is Value crockery?
Value ranges are aimed at outlets that require classic, practical and durable crockery at affordable prices. Our Value ranges are all microwave and dishwasher proof and are all designed fit for purpose, made of fully vitrified economy porcelain with functionality at the forefront of the design.

Here you will find quality cutlery for every dining occasion. We supply catering cutlery ranges made from the highest quality stainless steel in various modern & classic styles ideal for use in restaurants and other catering establishments. Table knives & forks, dessert spoons, fish knives, and much more are available as part of the cutlery sets we supply.

Superb cutlery ranges for every dining occasion. Choose from Value, Performance or Style for various price and design options.

Value Cutlery
Made from 18-0 stainless steel. ("18-0" refers to its alloy content of 18% chrome and 0% nickel).

Performance Cutlery
Performance is aimed at style and quality conscious catering establishments seeking durability & cost effective solutions. All cutlery is 18/10 stainless steel and dishwasher safe.

Style Cutlery
For establishments who offer luxury as standard. These unique, elegant and striking designs will enhance any table setting.

Specialist Cutlery
From cheese knife to oyster fork we've got your specialist cutlery requirements covered.

Cutlery Savers
Cutlery savers simply fit over your waste bin and the powerful magnets attract the cutlery.

Cutlery Storage
Help ensure your cutlery lasts longer with our storage solutions.

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